Vcbot is python written repository tracking software. It scans repos for new revisions and send notifications via XMPP to defined list of users. Bot is able to follow many projects on many servers, and needs only read acces to repository to track revisions.

For now VCbot supports only svn repository.



VCbot uses json style configuration file, which must follow all json rules. Almost every aspect of bot is configurable. You can configure an xmpp user which bot will use to send notifications, connection type for each server and username and password to use to scan each project.

basic config


VCbot is written with use of three external libraries.


You can dwonload current here or get latest revision from repository.

svn co https://vcbot.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/vcbot vcbot

future features

Next features i'm going to provide.


If you have any questions about VCbot, feel free to contact me.


Kamil Szostakowski
e-mail: kamil.szostakowski at gmail.com
jabber: avilar at ubuntu.pl